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We care about your patients as much as you do. That's why we've created breakthrough AI-driven technology that enables patient safety through risk mitigation and proactive defense of your medical devices and entire healthcare IoT environment.

Your mission is our mission

Cylera exists to protect healthcare organizations and their patients from those who wish to do them harm. We take a patient-centric approach to defend and optimize the devices that power modern healthcare environments–from a ventilator helping a patient breathe, to a smart TV comforting a concerned mother in the waiting room, and everything in between.


Full Environment

Our solution was designed from the ground-up to cover the complete connected HIoT environment including medical devices, enterprise IoT, and operational technology. 


Cylera’s technology and solution are a result of our company's patient-centric mission. Our focus on clinical context and patient safety makes our solution proactive and results-driven.



Our patent-pending CyberClinical™  technology ensures our solution excels in complex healthcare environments without negatively affecting patients by actively scanning the environment. 


Cybersecurity & Intelligence Solution

Cylera’s MedCommand™ solution, powered by Cylera’s CyberClinical™ technology platform,
empowers healthcare providers to protect the safety of their patients, assets, and clinical workflows from cyberattacks. MedCommand™ provides clinical engineering and information security teams with a unified solution to manage and protect the entire connected HIoT environment including
medical devices, enterprise IoT, and operational technology. 


Automatically identify and analyze full spectrum of medical devices and HIoT



Passively conduct vulnerability and risk analysis using Cylera's  Asset Emulation engine 




Proactively reduce risk exposure with network-based compensating controls


Continuously detect and contain attacks using AI-based device behavior analysis 



Technology Platform

Cylera’s AI-driven technology platform is the technical foundation for Cylera’s MedCommand™ Security and Intelligence solution. It was designed and developed for healthcare organizations to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations even in large, multi-site deployments.

Asset Emulation 

Patent-pending technology creates virtual "clones" of each HIoT device by learning how to behave and respond like them

Passive Vulnerability Analysis

Conducts passive vulnerability and configuration analysis using custom and industry-standard probing tools on virtual device clones

CyberClinical Risk Analysis

Analyzes and quantifies risk posed to the organization and their patients through analysis of security gaps and clinical workflows

Deep Identity Analysis 

Uses Adaptive Deep Packet Inspection and deep learning to fingerprint HIoT devices and the software running on them

Contextual Threat Detection 

Uses a multi-layer, AI-based approach to threat detection that considers both device behaviors and clinical context 

Unified solution across the organization

Information Security


Information Technology

Risk & Compliance

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Cylera was founded with a critical mission to protect healthcare providers; ensuring safe and uninterrupted care of patients. Cylera has developed the first technologically complete cybersecurity solution for healthcare environments built with an interdisciplinary team of cybersecurity and clinical experts.
Cylera was founded in New York City and is backed by notable investors including Samsung NEXT, Maverick Ventures, Two-Sigma Ventures, Contour Ventures, Dreamit, RBA, and Great Oaks Venture Capital.
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