Patient safety is in our DNA.

We care about your patients as much as you do, which is why we built a next-gen healthcare IoT (HIoT) cybersecurity and intelligence platform in close partnership with hospitals, for hospitals. Enabled by patent-pending, breakthrough technology, our platform solves the complex technological and operational challenges in securing and managing connected medical devices, traditional IoT, and operational technology.

Breakthrough, proprietary technology built specifically for hospitals

We developed ground-breaking technology specifically for healthcare providers that separates us from every other IoT security company in the world—by a wide margin.

Real collaboration and thought leadership to drive new innovations

Good products can be made alone, but excellent solutions are born from close collaboration and customer input. We take that seriously as our mission is to improve patient safety—together.

We've taken HIoT security to another level.


Focus on automation and


We understand that hospitals have significant budget and resource constraints, and as such we’ve created significant integrations so that current investments can be maximized and fully realized.

Deep, actionable insights for hospital service lines to improve efficiency

Data is king, but actionable data is the holy grail. We deliver new insights to service line departments to drive process and operational improvements, increase ROA and ROI, and gain efficiencies through schedule optimization.

A next-gen solution that delivers

real, cross-functional value.



Proactively manage medical devices on the network with robust operational analytics



Protect the HIoT environment and increase patient safety with clinical context-rich alerts and mitigations



Gain confidence of the HIoT environment's security to safeguard patients and protect reputation

Risk Management

& Compliance

Measure and reduce HIoT device risk across the enterprise and increase regulatory compliance

Procurement & Vendor Management

Ensure vendors are secure, comply with policies, and safely onboard devices that complement portfolio

Information Technology

Improved ability to manage HIoT devices with deep visibility into network topology and flows

"Cylera has developed a platform that allows healthcare organizations to not only secure their biomedical and IoT devices, but also better manage and utilize these mission-critical assets—resulting in a significant increase in patient satisfaction, patient safety, operational resiliency, and revenue driver. It’s truly a game-changer for us."

David Finkelstein

Director of Information Security

Cylera is a Healthcare IoT cybersecurity and intelligence company built in close partnership with healthcare providers. Cylera built a next-generation platform that leverages AI-driven technology to deliver the strongest, most advanced cybersecurity and analytics solutions. 

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