Cylera Labs Research

Cylera Labs researchers provide leading global cyber threat intelligence and related services to Cylera customers. We follow principles of responsible disclosure by actively collaborating with vendors when vulnerabilities are found and contribute findings to the greater intelligence community.

Cylera Labs researchers continuously add to our proprietary database of international cyber-physical attack, threat, and vulnerability data to keep ahead of hackers and developments within the threat landscape. Our data sources are global, and we've developed our own methodologies, AI techniques, machine learning, threat hunting, reverse engineering, behavioral and anomaly detection, patented Adaptive Datatype AnalysisTM, patent-pending IoT Device Emulation EngineTM, and forensic investigation capabilities.

Cylera customers can engage with us for active intrusion investigation and forensic analysis services, subscribe to our intelligence feed, follow findings, gain defensive and mitigating guidance, and receive detailed reporting on findings to enable availability and business continuity while helping you safeguard what matters most.

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