On Thursday, March 5th, HIMSS announced the cancellation of the conference. Although we're disappointed that we won’t be able to meet with you all, we believe this was the right decision given the circumstances as it simply wasn't worth the health and safety risk. Cylera continues to keep those directly impacted by this serious situation in our thoughts. We remain vigilant to safeguard our healthcare customers and their patients during this fluid situation.

In an effort to still offer educational opportunities during HIMSS week, Cylera is converting its previously scheduled speaking presentations into virtual webinars, and also offering 30-minute virtual product demonstrations throughout the week.

Virtual HIMSS20

Education Events


See our next-gen healthcare IoT cybersecurity & analytics platform live! Schedule a 30-minute MedCommand™ demo tailored to fit your specific needs and use cases from the following products:

  • MedView™ - Real-time HIoT device visibility, inventory, and data enrichment

  • MedAnalyze™ - Continuous NIST-based risk analysis with clinical contextualization

  • MedSegment™ - Automated risk mitigation and smart segmentation enablement

  • MedDefend™ - Continuous threat detection and automated response

  • MedOptimize™ - Operational insights and HIoT device utilization analytics



Healthcare, and especially, large hospitals and health systems, have undergone a massive digitization transformation over the last ten years. Most organizations did not simultaneously invest in safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all these new data, devices and systems. C-suite executives and board members, with the help of management and staff, must undertake an Enterprise Cyber Risk Management transformation that is equivalent to the digital transformation that continues to occur.


In this session, learn the strategic, tactical and operational perspective your organization needs to embrace to establish, implement and mature your Enterprise Cyber Risk Management (ECRM) program. Learn how to Save Your Patients, Preserve Your Reputation and Protect Your Balance Sheet.


Hospitals are connecting more and more devices to their networks to improve the patient experience and advance care delivery, but that makes them a prime target for cyber criminals launching sophisticated attacks given how lucrative patient data is across the plethora of these connected devices.

In this session, you'll hear from healthcare leaders and industry experts on how to tackle this important topic, create an HIoT cybersecurity strategy, and safeguard your patients.

Cylera is a Healthcare IoT cybersecurity and intelligence company built in close partnership with healthcare providers. Cylera built a next-generation platform that leverages AI-driven technology to deliver the strongest, most advanced cybersecurity and analytics solutions. 

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