Next-generation enterprise healthcare IoT cybersecurity & business enablement platform 

Unified HIoT Cybersecurity and Business Enablement Platform

Cylera’s MedCommand™ solution, powered by Cylera’s CyberClinical™ technology platform, empowers healthcare providers to protect the safety of their patients, assets, and clinical workflows from cyberattacks. MedCommand™ provides clinical engineering and information security teams with a unified solution to manage and protect the entire connected HIoT environment including medical devices, enterprise IoT, and operational technology. 



Automatically discover the full spectrum of medical devices and HIoT to unlock practical insights into device identities, behaviors, and configurations with unprecedented accuracy and depth 



Passively conduct continuous vulnerability detection, security control analysis and clinically-focused risk assessment using Cylera's patent-pending Asset Emulation engine 




Proactively reduce risk exposure and attack surface through automatic creation of targeted network policy-based compensating controls, micro-segmentation policies, and risk mitigation plans


Continuously detect and contain attacks using AI-based device behavior analysis and clinically-aware incident contextualization and response 



Intelligent Management

Cylera's solution automatically and passively discovers and generates a real-time, state-aware inventory based on detailed profiles of all network-connected devices. This fine-grained visibility creates a single pane view for enterprise-wide asset management and enables the enrichment of third-party solutions. 

Actionable Real-Time Inventory 

Complete, state-aware visibility into full spectrum of HIoT assets, configurations, and behaviors

Virtual Bill of
Software Materials

Detailed device profiles including firmware version, software, network services, and operating system



Detailed utilization tracking and analytics of entire clinical fleet


Asset Emulation

Continuously generates and maintains virtual clones of each HIoT asset using algorithms that learn to act and communicate like each device

 Vulnerability &
Gap Analysis

Passively detect vulnerabilities and a broad range of security-related concerns through active analysis of each device's virtual clone


Risk Assessment

Automatically perform NIST-based risk assessments and gap analysis to understand potential impacts on patient safety and clinical continuity



Cylera’s patent-pending CyberClinical technology performs continuous security assessments on virtual clones of each HIoT asset, enabling effective vulnerability detection and security control gap analysis using industry-standard active scanning toolsets without risking device downtime. NIST-based risk assessments consider combine cybersecurity and clinical impacts for a patient-centric impact analysis that uses a deep understanding of each device’s clinical importance and associated workflows.​




Cylera’s solution automatically generates and  implements tailored risk mitigation plans based on the security gaps and insecurities uncovered during continuous risk assessment. Highly-targeted network policy-based compensating controls are automatically generated to mitigate known risks in a resource-effective manner. Organizations can generate and implement fine-grained micro-segmentation policies to significantly reduce the HIoT attack surface.​

Automated Compensating Controls 

Mitigate detected risks with minimal resource allocation using targeted network policy-based access controls

Universal Support 

Implement segmentation policies using existing hardware including switches, firewalls, and NACs

Intelligent Segmentation

Automatically generate and apply micro-segmentation policies resulting in a significantly reduced attack surface



Detect threats using multi-layered AI-based threat detection with deep understanding of clinical workflows

Threat Contextualization

Overlay industry intelligence and threat feeds for rich contextualization of threats and alerts

Clinically-Safe Containment

Leverage existing infrastructure to quarantine offending devices while maintaining clinical continuity


Threat Defense

Cylera's solution provides real-time threat detection using a robust multi-layer engine powered by AI-based behavioral analysis and third-party threat intelligence feeds to create context-rich alerts for actionable events. Respond to incidents with multiple levels of prioritized actions—from complete isolation to clinically-safe containment.


Management Console

The MedCommand™ management console is a unified command center that consolidates operations across multiple healthcare delivery locations, displaying a single-pane view of assets, threats, risks, and operational status to provide centralized collaboration across teams and locations. 

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Cylera was founded with a critical mission to protect healthcare providers; ensuring safe and uninterrupted care of patients. Cylera has developed the first technologically complete cybersecurity solution for healthcare environments built with an interdisciplinary team of cybersecurity and clinical experts.
Cylera was founded in New York City and is backed by notable investors including Samsung NEXT, Maverick Ventures, Two-Sigma Ventures, Contour Ventures, Dreamit, RBA, and Great Oaks Venture Capital.
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