The next-generation HIoT cybersecurity & analytics platform

Built with hospitals, for hospitals.

Cylera’s HIoT cybersecurity and analytics platform, MedCommand™, is purpose-built to solve the complex technological and operational challenges in securing and managing the entire HIoT environment which includes medical devices, traditional IoT, and operational technology.


This innovative, next-gen platform passively delivers real-time visibility and inventory, risk and vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation and segmentation, threat detection and response, and device utilization and operational analytics. MedCommand™ is unified through a central management console to streamline operations and provide value across multiple sites and teams.

Platform Highlights

Deep Visibility & Clinical Context
Complete Medical Device & HIoT Coverage
Robust  Integration & Automation
Passive & Agentless Deployment

MedCommand Product Suite

Next-generation HIoT security & analytics


Robust Integration & Automation

MedCommand™ extends and shares intelligence, alerts, and metadata with external systems, both directly and indirectly. The platform can use the capabilities of external networking infrastructure, such as firewalls and NACs, to automatically enforce policies, quarantine infected assets, and implement network segmentation. Other supported integrations include SIEMs, ticketing systems, CMMS systems, vulnerability scanners, AD, DDI solutions, and more. For deployments where NACs and NGFWs are not present, MedCommand™ can create additional interfaces directly with network switches to enforce or export ACL rules and policies.

Detailed Reporting & Alerting

MedCommand™ offers detailed and customizable reporting and alerting capabilities to enhance your medical device security and HIoT program, including custom alerting policies, inventory reporting, risk reporting, and operational reporting.

Many schedulable and exportable (PDF or Excel) reports detailing organizational risk, operational efficiency, and much more

Automated and on-demand comprehensive NIST-based HIoT HealthCheck™ report that details complete snapshot of HIoT security posture

Alerts and information can be automatically fed to integrated third-party systems such as CMMS systems, ticketing systems, and SIEMs

Email and SMS-based alerts are automatically sent to defined user groups for real-time notifications so that appropriate team members can take action


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Cylera is a Healthcare IoT cybersecurity and intelligence company built in close partnership with healthcare providers. Cylera built a next-generation platform that leverages AI-driven technology to deliver the strongest, most advanced cybersecurity and analytics solutions. 

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