Does Healthcare need a Clinical Cybersecurity Safety Officer?

Attacks against healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are increasing in number and in complexity, so much so that everyone who works in the industry needs to be prepared to defend against cyber-attack. But are technology, risk and security executives speaking a language that physicians, nurses and business leaders can understand? Do we need one of their own to translate the growing risks to others?

Cylera's Chief Security Strategist, Richard Staynings was recently joined on stage by Dr. Saif Abed MD. from AbedGraham, and Shaun van Niekerk who manages security for 3 separate NHS Trusts in the UK as they discuss the difference between the US and UK's approach to securing healthcare and ask the question of whether the industry needs a Clinical Cybersecurity officer. Watch the session below:

Cylera is a Healthcare IoT cybersecurity and intelligence company built in close partnership with healthcare providers. Cylera built a next-generation platform that leverages AI-driven technology to deliver the strongest, most advanced cybersecurity and analytics solutions. 

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