ZeroTrust, Microsegmentation and Clinical Asset Security Services in the Era of COVID

Live with Emmanuel Jackson, CEO, Evanston Technology Partners & Chuck Sackley, Executive Vice President, AppGuard at the Healthcare MSS forum 2020.

Securing the healthcare internet of things involves so much more than a well tuned IT patching system and the periodic running of Qualys or your preferred network vulnerability and compliance tools. It necessitates locking down both user and object access to ensure that only those with a need to access HIoT systems can access them. It also requires a few compensating security controls to make up for a lack of basic security designed into most medical and IoT devices. Hear from Emmanuel Jackson and Chuck Sackley as they share their thoughts and insights at the Healthcare MSS forum 2020.

Cylera is a Healthcare IoT cybersecurity and intelligence company built in close partnership with healthcare providers. Cylera built a next-generation platform that leverages AI-driven technology to deliver the strongest, most advanced cybersecurity and analytics solutions. 

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